Our Projects

A collection of the projects Qartoon worked on, in a range of fields, such as animation and comics. The projects’ uniqueness are the results of the pure Qatari sense.



Fesha is a character Qartoon designed for Qitcom Conference (2012). Its fun and technological spirit stands out, without Qartoon forgetting to add a unique Qatari feel to it.



Aspetar Campaign

Is a specialized nutrition campaign that took place during the holy month of Ramadan. It was a collection of advertisement in the local newspapers from Aspetar Hospital.



WranSade Campign

It was a safe driving campaign that utilized the comedic, light hearted and funny sense in animation to deal with the driving issues and problems.

Mal Lawal

Mal Lawal

Featuring Sadoon a popular Qatari puppet in the late 80s was the concept of the animated advertisement made for Mal Lawal exhibition 2014 (QM). The short animated ad stands for a flashback to the 80s as the exhibition focuses on antique collections.

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