Qartoon is specialized in creating animation material and design concepts to provide creative solutions to any visual project.


By aiming to redefine cartoon in a global, contemporary, Qatari way, Qartoon’s mission is to contribute to the Qatari cartoon scene by visualising and developing the Qatari animation identity in order to reach the world’s imagination!


The most important step in Qartooning is building an independent exclusive brand identity and theme for the Qatari cartoons. Inspired by the pure Qatari culture, we aspire to use  innovative, competitive cartoon production technologies to achieve our aim.

Qartooning engages locals with the presented material by considering minimal details that have great meanings.

 Qartooning grasps the attention, curiosity, and admiration of international audience, and present the Qatari culture to them in a very genuine, unique, fun, and creative contex

What's Qartoon About?

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